Help for Local Authorities

There are three main routes to community ownership:

  • Private Negotiated Sale
  • Community Right to Buy
  • Asset Transfer from Public Authorities

Community ownership can facilitate many local authority priorities, including sustainable development, community wealth building, and wellbeing economics. Community ownership is fundamentally about giving communities the power to control land and assets in their local area, in a way in which has local democratic accountability, and which reinvests profits in local communities.

In our experience community groups have some of the most creative and innovative responses to local issues and have proven their ability as developers time and time again across Scotland.  Community owners also benefit from different financial models and supports, so can implement innovative solutions.

We work strategically to improve the conditions to support all types of community ownership in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley. This includes promotion and training, as well as research and policy development.

In terms of particular projects, we are happy to connect local authorities with the right community ownership organisation or discuss community ownership.  Our colleagues at DTAS COSS support community groups with asset transfer from public bodies.

We are interested in innovative policies, collaborative projects, promoting community ownership, and plenty else as well.

Read our case studies to see what community owners are achieving