What is the Community Ownership Hub?

We work with communities who want to own land or buildings in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.

We promote community ownership and land reform,  and do research on changes to improve community-led and owned development.

Connecting you to success

We are always happy to talk to existing or aspiring community owners, and work as part of a network to get you the best support.

We support communities who want to purchase privately owned land, and give tips on community rights to buy land and buildings. We also have funding to give additional resources to communities in our area — this is announced on our social media feed and the News section of this website.

If you’re looking to acquire a publicly held asset, you should speak to our friends at COSS. See more details on resources for communities at How We Help Communities.

Promoting Community Ownership

We also work strategically to change the conditions for all community owners. Part of this is connection: bridging the gap between community groups, resources and agencies to deliver projects. It also includes raising the profile of community ownership, and research and policy making to support community ownership and land reform creating a fairer and wealthier Scotland.

Ownership of land and buildings is a great way for communities to take control of problems in their local area. But the process of ownership can seem daunting for communities, and the benefits unclear to existing owners. That’s why we’re here – to help everyone better understand what community ownership is, how it works, and how to get involved.

Community Ownership Hub -

Who we are

We are a pilot project led by Community Land Scotland. Community Land Scotland is the voice of Scotland’s community landowners. 

This project came from discussions with our members and our research on the challenges and opportunities of urban community ownership.  Community ownership has the potential to bring transformative change to Scotland’s towns and cities,  but there are many challenges. Through this project we are working to address challenges,  making community ownership easier, and bringing the benefits of community ownership to more people.  Through our research we are sharing our learning on this process.

The Community Ownership Hub:  Glasgow and Clyde was set up in conjunction with an advisory panel made up of community owners and experts.  Panel members included:  Scottish Government, Planning Aid Scotland, Scottish Community Development Centre, Development Trust Association Scotland, Kinning Park Complex, Spireview Housing Association, South of Scotland Community Housing and the Scottish Land Commission.

After launch we continue to collaborate closely with members of the advisory panel,  and well as a wider network of organisations.  If you’d like to learn more about our collaborative working methods, get in touch.

Funded by:

The Community Ownership Hub:  Glasgow and Clyde Valley is funded by the Scottish Government, the William Grant Foundation, and the Tudor Trust.