Promotion & Research

Our Approach

We want to change the conditions community owners operate in. This includes promoting community ownership so that more people are aware of its potential.  We also conduct research to better understand the challenges and opportunities for community owners, and for land reform.

This is an action research project, which means we do research in order to influence practical changes.  We always welcome input, particularly from communities – you’re the experts on your own experiences.

The Community Ownership Hub: Glasgow and Clyde Valley is a pilot project, aimed at a particular part of Scotland, but we have big ambitions and share our learning whenever we can.


Our Plans for the Next Year

We have the following objectives for the first year of this project, which we think is an exciting scope of work addressing current challenges in community ownership.

We will be working on these objectives in a number of different ways and will share our learning.

Do get in touch if you have any questions.  We always welcome collaboration!

Year 1 Objectives (April 2021 to March 2022)


All of the above objectives feed into our work on the net zero transition,  which we are looking into as part of COP26 in Glasgow.  There is more on our net zero work here. 

To learn more about our policy and research work check out our blog or get in touch.

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