Promotion & Research

Our Approach

We want to change the conditions community owners operate in. This includes promoting community ownership so that more people are aware of its potential.  We also conduct research to better understand the challenges and opportunities for community owners, and for land reform.

This is an action research project, which means we do research in order to influence practical changes.   We always welcome input, particularly from communities – you’re the experts on your own experiences.

The Community Ownership Hub: Glasgow and Clyde Valley is a pilot project, aimed at a particular part of Scotland, but we have big ambitions and share our learning whenever we can.


Project Objectives

The following are our project objectives.  We are tracking progress on these objectives through our monitoring and evaluation strategy.

  • Objective 1. Raise profile, and quality of discussion, of urban community ownership and land reform
  • Objective 2. Enhanced support for community groups, with a focus on early-stage groups
  • Objective 3. Progress community ownership of privately held Vacant and Derelict Land
  • Objective 4. Planning innovations to support community ownership
  • Objective 5. Addressing inequality and building inclusion

Year 1 progress

We have published a report on our year 1 progress, during the year running March 2021 to March 2022. This report summarises our work, our progress on our objectives, and provides initial policy recommendations on the changes needed.

CLS Urban Hub Year 1 Executive Summary

CLS Urban Hub Year 1 report

Policy Recommendations Y1

The Year 1 report shows the incredible response we have had, documenting interest in community land ownership which far surpasses what we expected. We also quickly began to collect evidence on the nature of the challenges which communities face, as well as the urgent need for changes to grasp the potential of this interest. We have shared early policy and research outcomes from the project due to the critical nature of the changes needed.

Our nine policy reccomendations from Year 1 are summarised at the link above.  These are initial priorities, provided to shape policy and build consensus on how we can grasp the potential of community ownership across the Clyde Valley.

To learn more about our policy and research work check out the links below, or get in touch.

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