Our Progress

2022/2023- Year 2

We have now published our Year 2 report showing our work on our objectives for 2022/23.

We have included key outcomes on this website according to project objectives, so if you want a quick overview of outcomes and next steps have a look at the objectives linked here.

We have also published recommendations for change.

You can also stay updated by following our social media accounts, reading our research and reports, or just getting in touch with any questions you have.

2021/2022- Year 1

Our year 1 report gives an overview of what we’ve achieved between March 2021 and March 2022. It summarises our work supporting community groups and our progress on our project objectives. We have also provided initial policy recommendations on the changes needed.

The Year 1 report shows the incredible response we have had, documenting interest in community land ownership which far surpasses what we expected. We also quickly began to collect evidence on the nature of the challenges which communities face, as well as the urgent need for changes to grasp the potential of this interest. We have shared early policy and research outcomes from the project due to the critical nature of the changes needed.

Our nine policy recommendations from Year 1 are summarised in the link above.  These are initial priorities, provided to shape policy and build consensus on how we can grasp the potential of community ownership across the Clyde Valley.