Raising the profile of urban community landownership

Since 2020 we have been working to raise the profile of urban community landownership in the Clyde Valley, explaining how it is an option for any community, and creates local, democratic, power over land and builds community wealth.

We have an active events schedule and social media accounts, and we hold wide-ranging meetings to raise the profile of community ownership and land reform. Our approach is focused on community group needs, and on building a network of highly capable community landowners. Check out our work, attend an event, and get in touch if you have any questions!

The number of enquiries about community ownership has steadily increased since we launched this project; by the end of our second operational year we have helped more than 87 community groups across the Clyde Valley.  This demonstrates the continued interest in community ownership.  The level of interest, and particularly the level of interest in privately-owned land and negotiated sales, has remained significantly larger than expected.

We work directly with urban community groups, and take insights to change policy and legislation. Current policy work includes urban aspects of the new Land Reform Bill, refinements to the Community Right to Buy, Local Place Plans, and Community Wealth Building. We’ve also called for the introduction of an Urban Community Housing Fund.

Our work raising the profile of Community Ownership & Land Reform