Meeting of Minds – SEDA 2022 – Land, Community Ownership and a Just Transition

Carey Doyle, Community Ownership Hub Manager had 8 minutes (only going slightly over!) to explain that changing how we own, use and think about land is central to creating a fairer,  better, climate response. ​

This presentation does this at 2 scales:

  • Conceptually, questioning how we understand land,  how we govern it, and the role of power and inequalities in this ​
  • Practically, basic overview of key traits of CLO,  to aid understanding

This is guided by 3 questions:

  • How should land be owned and used in the public interest?​ ​
  • What is the role of land in delivering climate response?​
  • Alternative ways of being on the land? Knowledge of what land is,  how we relate to it, how we use it