Statement on the People Make Glasgow Communities Initiative

Community Land Scotland and the Community Ownership Hub: Glasgow and Clyde Valley have issued a joint statement on the “People Make Glasgow Communities” Initiative.

Statement on the People Make Glasgow Communities Initiative

We support and promote community ownership because in our experience the ability to own land and assets gives communities control over their future and builds community wealth by maintaining economic and social benefits in the local area.

There are hundreds of communities across Scotland who are benefiting from community ownership. However, community ownership needs to come as a local response, initiated and driven forward by people in those communities who take responsibility for, and have power over, the plans being developed.

In Glasgow and throughout Scotland in the coming months there are likely to be increased opportunities for communities to take on publicly-held assets due to reductions in public budgets.  For communities to be empowered and not burdened by these opportunities, they need to have control and be properly resourced so that they can take on assets that meet the needs of their local area. Community ownership is not a quick fix. There are many challenges in acquiring and managing urban property, which is why we’ve set up the Community Ownership Hub: Glasgow and Clyde Valley.

We are ready to support local democratically accountable community organisations to take ownership of assets in whatever way they chose.  We are also working to improve community ownership processes. This includes advocating for community owners and developing solutions to some of the challenges in the process of ownership and management with a range of partners.

Community Land Scotland is a member-led organisation. We believe that systemic change in land ownership is required to create a more socially-just Scotland where land is used responsibly.  We want to see more of Scotland’s land in the hands of more of Scotland’s people, giving them power over land and land uses. We support high levels of community ownership, alongside strong and well-funded public

Community Ownership Hub: Glasgow and Clyde Valley is encouraging and enabling community ownership in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley area. 

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