News: First Community Engagement Awards from Our Support Framework

In April and May 2021 the Community Ownership Hub: Glasgow and Clyde Valley asked for expressions of interest from community groups looking for community engagement support as they develop proposals to own land or buildings.  This was the first round of funding from our support framework.

Awards have now been made to groups in locations across the Clyde Valley, with community ownership aspirations ranging from community hubs to greenspace, historic buildings to housing.

We were able to award seven groups, in full or in part, to help them effectively communicate their ideas to their communities, and get the community involved in the future of the projects.

What is the Support Framework?

The Community Ownership Hub has a support framework that targets current support gaps for community buy-out of land or buildings.  We refer groups to existing support where it exists, but the support environment is complex, and our support framework focuses on issues that are often overlooked.

For this first round of funding, we are providing enhanced community engagement support for early-stage community groups.  This means matching community groups with experienced community engagement consultants to get the best advice to groups at an early stage in their ownership journey. Community ownership organisations rely on volunteer support to develop their projects on tight budgets, and having good technical advice is key for development and regeneration.

We initially planned to provide enhanced community engagement support to a few groups. However, the response was so strong we decided to provide targeted support to as many groups as possible. Targeted support is aimed at adding value to community engagement campaigns, such as bringing in artists to bring some creative flair to community engagement.

What Interest was there in the Support Framework? 

Groups came back to us with wide ranging ideas, highlighting their creativity and their drive for creating a future with the community, for the community. All are looking at new and innovative ways to involve their communities in a sustainable future, using land and buildings for which they have a vision. Below you can see a list of the wonderful groups we have been able to support.

Enhanced Support

  1. Friends of Coves Community Nature Reserve, Inverclyde
  2. Harthill Village Hall, North Lanarkshire
  3. The Valley and Maryhill Community Development Charity, Maryhill, Glasgow
  4. Save Langside Shul, Govanhill, Glasgow

Targeted Support

  1. Inchinnan Development Trust, Renfrewshire
  2. South Seeds, Govanhill, Glasgow
  3. Concrete Garden, Possilpark, Glasgow

What if I want to know more?

We look forward to being able to share the stories of these groups as they move towards their community ownership goals.

We will also share our learning on the support framework, with the goal of applying our learning to help other groups.

There will be additional funding rounds in the coming year, please get in touch if you think we can help.

Community Ownership Hub - Man looks at historic photo